Cathay Biotech Showed its Bio-based Polyamides at Chinaplas 2018

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Cathay Biotech showcased its innovative bio-based polyamide series PA5Xat Chinaplas 2018. Cathay demonstrated its applications in automotive parts, electronics and electricals and 3D printing industries.

"Cathay has always focused on independent R&D of economically viable industrial bio-technology solutions since it was founded in 1997. Currently, Cathay is the biggest LCDA (long-chain dicarboxylic acids) supplier of the world and our R&D team has successfully developed bio-based DN5 (1,5-pentanediamine). Based on these two monomers, we developed the PA5X series of products. Now we are actively promoting the 'green' materials to the downstream industries and hope to guide them into a 'greener' and more environmentally friendly future". said Mr. Hongguang Zhang, Business VP of Cathay.

Bio-based PA5X and DN5 are two of the main products of Cathay made from renewable starchy plants. Compared to traditional petrol-based polyamides, they emit less carbon and are environment-friendly. PA5X also shows excellent properties, including good fire retardance, high flowability and high toughness, etc. due to the odd-numbered carbon chain.

Cathay Biotech can offer a full range of solutions of PA5X to down-stream industries, including low-melting-point long-chain nylons, middle-melting-point normal nylons and high-temperature nylons. In addition to automotive parts and electronics industry applications, Cathay's PA5X also can be used in mechanical, cable tie and heat insulation strip industries.